Watch the Book Trailer for Dust Eaters North

Just released the book trailer for Dust Eaters North. After three years, the zombie apocalypse book is finally being released. Get pumped by watching the video and order it today wherever books and e-books are sold!

Watch New Interviews of Forward Into Beauty

Through a series of interviews with a diverse range of professionals, we explore the meaning of beauty, its relevance, and the way it changes over time and culture. There are no right or wrong answers, and we make no effort to judge. These are profiles of courageous women (and a few men) who have made their voice heard in the world of beauty. Follow us as we move... Forward Into Beauty. Subscribe on YouTube today!

Buy a Sink!

I made a quick video for my son's homework assignment and it turned out to be pretty funny!

Play Planetary Prospectors on Steam

I was asked to write the dialogue for the new game: Planetary Prospectors. Try it out!

Your life in the 99% isn’t easy, not like the old days when there was enough for everyone. A debt slave to the Megamine Corporation, you scrape asteroids in the hope that one day you’ll find your little piece of the pie, just enough to peel off your bondage license and buy a ticket back to Deepworld. If you don’t die first.

‘Cause dying is easy. Plenty of Luckless out here, poor bastards done in by ruptured oxygen lines, damaged comms, or off-kilter nav kits, the standard end-of-the-line equipment your credit chit can afford. 

Wake up in a cage somewhere outside Koops Asteroid Belt, take orders from an evil machine, pound rocks all day will lasers and, if you’re lucky, slide some home brewed Hava past the collar to unwind. It’s a lonely line of work, but there’s always the odd pirate ship to keep you company and spice up your day, even if it is your last. Try not to be a Luckless.


Watch the Short Film "Look Deeper: Beauty"

Nothing builds happiness more than helping people. I had the opportunity to co-write the Asian American Film Lab's 72 Hour Shootout trailer. Directed by Youn Jung Kim, this film came out more beautiful than I ever hoped. I know you'll love it. 

The last two years I've been involved in writing and designing video games with some fantastic and very talented people. Take a look at the trailers and then follow the links to download the games. 

Play The Lamb of Wall Street Game

I wrote the script for these mini-ads for the video game. You might recognize a certain young actor. 

A friend of mine at CorpOnline asked me to write a video game to teach people how to buy and sell stocks. A year later, The Lamb of Wall Street was born. The Lamb of Wall Street is an online mobile game that simulates Wall Street. We worked with real Wall Street analysts to build the most realistic experience. Pulling from the Yahoo API, you're working with real stocks in real time. (Only the money isn't real). Build a portfolio as you climb the ladders of power from your first internship to the desk of the CEO. Give it a try! All ages can learn to invest in a fun and safe environment. Go here to see the website and download The Lamb of Wall Street on Android and iOS.

I wrote and designed the Lamb of Wall Street video game, so when they said they needed a trailer script, I said, "Sure!". I also tried my hand at acting which, at the time, sounded like a bad idea. Yup, folks. That's called "intuition".

Play Kill All Zombies

Do you stay up late wishing for a zombie apocalypse? Do you thirst for zombie destruction? Have we got the game demo for you. Crazy Robot Games developed a fantastic first-person shooter to accompany my book Dust Eaters (due out this spring!). Available for PC, Mac, and iOS. Go here to download Kill All Zombies and get it out of your system. 

This was the video for our Kickstarter. The game became the accurately named "Kill All Zombies".